Great family run place with great Martial Arts skill and training.
Isaac Hayden
We love this place!!!! Everyone is so dedicated!!!!
Scarlett Turcotte
Love this school!! It has been great for my son. I joined to help him, but after two months, I have found that I am really enjoying the classes and now I'm doing it for me.
Alex Silverstein
Absolutely love Tersak's Martial Arts! We moved our son from another local Tang Soo Do school & are so VERY happy that we did! It is night & day & hands down far superior to where we came from. The Tersak & Miles families, & entire leadership team are wonderful! They absolutely care about their students & take the time to walk through each class, as they are teaching, to ensure each student is grasping & performing everything correctly. They don't just stand up in front of the class & "teach". They mingle within each class teaching, demonstrating, fine tuning to help each student. They are 150% invested in all their students! Thank-you Tersak's team for caring & including us in your family! 😁🌞
The Lindley family.
My son has been a student under the Tersak’s for over six years. The Academy is very family oriented and provides so much more that just Martial Arts instructions. I highly recommend Tersak’s Family Martial Arts Academy! Christopher, Angelina and Nicholas are wonderful people to work with.
Charlene Sonnier
Great instructors that instill a desire to learn.
John Marro
My 8 year old nephew LOVES everyone at Tersak's school. Sitting on the sidelines I am so impressed with how they learn all the kids names so quick. They make every child feel important and strong. I love the respect they teach along with all positivity they teach the kids. It's a fantastic facility. My nephew's "goal is to be a black belt one ma'am" (had to do it) so I am happy to be spending the next few years with the Tersak's. Kudos to the team as well as the other students who help out with the younger students. its awesome to see people still caring!
Dawn Higgins
My granddaughter loves it there. The staff are so great and encouraging to the kids. She has really come out of her shell. Many thanks for all that you do for us and the community.
Ellen B. Maestre
Love this place - so positive and motivating.
Marty Boehm
Great kid and adult programs! Very family oriented.
Laura Kira
So impressed with this organization. Discipline and respect is taught and exhibited always. Of course karate, too!
Holly Brown
My daughter started a few months back and this place is so wonderful! The staff is great and everything they do is for the betterment of the kids. They teach great life principles and self discipline. Great role models for your kid to look up to and they treat everyone like family!! I wouldn’t take her anywhere else!
JJ Holton
My son started with this Academy through his school’s after school program. I thought he would learn to kick and punch but did not have any more expectations. I am blown away by the experience we’ve had. It is so much more than kicking and punching. They take a vested interest in your child’s life. They teach life lessons and show the students how to do what is right always, no matter what! They become your family and the environment they have created at the studio is just that, family!! I feel blessed that we get to be a part of this amazing academy. I would highly recommended the Tersak’s Academy to anyone! Amazing things happen there!
Amie Monie
Both my boys love it here! We can’t say enough good things about everyone at the school.
Justine Ginden